Rubber Coated Fabric Bellow

These type of Bellows are generally used for protection of machine against dust, cutting fluids etc. Laminated Bellows are very popular in Pharma Sector for protecting their spindles, shaft and column. Laminated Bellows are generally manufactured for use on horizontal, vertical and cross slide ways of various vertical shafts. Laminated Bellows are also called as Folded Bellows as they are manufactured in the folding process. These type of Bellows are manufactured from tough synthetic fabric and nylon laminate. Reinforcement by means of wire strap can be provided on the inside edges if required. Laminated Bellows are not very expansive and they are available in different type of colours, shape, size etc. These type of Bellows are easy to install and replace.


  •  Highly Flexible
  •  Excellent finish
  •  Resistant to wear & tear