Fabric Expansion Joint Bellow

Fabric Expansion Joint Bellow

We enjoy one of the most reputed name in the market for manufacturing and supplying of Fabric Expansion Joint and Bellows. We manufacture Fabric Expansion Joints and Bellows of any size and shape from a proven range of material of construction. These Fabric Expansion Joint Bellows can be used for varied application across different sectors in industry as the cycle life is high. Fabric Expansion Joint functions in the same way as Rubber and Metal Expansion Joints but are better choices for some purpose. Fabric Expansion Joint Bellows are often used in ducts which carry hot gases/fluids and high Pressure. The design of Bellows changes as per the temperature, flow rate of gases and abrasiveness of solids suspended in these gases. Also, these type of Expansion Joints can absorb high axial and lateral movements. The flexibility of these Expansion Joints allow them to accommodate deflection from any angle. We can manufacture Fabric Expansion Joints in different shapes and dimensions as per client’s requirement.


  •  Highly Flexible
  •  Inflasmmable
  •  Light Weight
  •  Excellent finish
  •  Resistant to wear & tear
  •  Durable


  •  Cement Industries
  •  Engineering Goods
  •  Textile Industries
  •  Steel Industries
  •  Power Plants